human echolocation training

SoundSight Training is an educational tool for visual impaired and blind people.

The virtual reality guides our users inside different scenarios and different environment.

Learning process is structured like a video game: different levels, a limited number of tries, heterogeneous goals and easy explanation of the objective.
Every users will have their own score and they could improve it with acquiring objectives and winning the challenges.

The users should only click their toungue into the microphone and listen to the echo of that click thorugh headphones.
The virtual reality process the input in real time and allow the user to listen to the echo of the bouncing tongue click.
The interface will guide the users through the different scenarios and the different challenges.

The virtual reality will be first of all an acoustic virtual reality, but there will be also a visual feedback for all visual impaired users and for all the users that what to play with SoundSight Training with a friend or with a parent.
The users could go inside the simulated environment of SoundSight Training and challenge themselves inside different scenarios.
It will allow our students to learn how detect echoes, at their own pace inside a comfort zone, like their own house; when they will fell ready they could go outside and challenge their echolocation skills.
But this is an extension to real life, not a replacement.

The training method is experience based, so the users will be guided through monitored experiences that allow them understand the differences between different environment, different scenarios and different objects, and they will understand how sound bounce off them creating a huge amount of different echoes.