human echolocation training

Studying Medicine, and more than that clinical practice, have made me realise how complex being human is, and how many (sometime small, sometime big) things concur to defining what we so easily pronounce as health and wellbeing.
This realization since drives my studies, my research, and my practice. I have founded SCImPULSE Foundation to offer a venue to like minded researchers to convene and collaborate, inspired by some amazing examples of coopetition that humankind has offered in the past decades, and I am now starting this adventure with Irene and Henrik following the same leit-motiv.
Humanity has never been in better shape before in history, and yet behind statistics hide huge inequalities. I want to change this world even a bit, to raise the chances to fulfillment and prosperity for those that are still living in the worst of the realities we could offer.

I am a research-oriented engineer with a passion for complex signals analysis and theory of information. I have met Irene in the occasion of a seminar I gave at CERN about my R&D on super-resolution acoustic holography for the “let me see” project with SCImPULSE Foundation, and I have been immediately captured by the idea of an immediate solution to offer visually impaired people a chance at learning a new navigational skill, not casually based on acoustics.

I have immediately started prototyping and in a few months we had a demonstrator and have been able to start interacting with a few volunteer testers. What a refreshing feeling to witness people discover new opportunities!
Now the “let me see” project is part of the future of SoundSight, and we are eagerly working to bring our first product to the fruition as soon as possible.

Irene Lanza

Henrik Kjeldsen

​I am an Industrial and Management Engineer, serving as the CEO of SoundSight. I have come in contact with the community of visually impaired people while participating to the 2014-2015, technology for the visually impaired, Challenge Based Innovationco-hosted by IdeasQuare (CERN) and the University of Modena. A true meeting never leaves you unchanged, and the more I have been in touch with mothers of blind children, or with those whom I can now call my friends from the group that was coldly classified as stakeholders, the more I understood I would (and could) do something to support and empower them.

I want this project to see the light, just as I want to empower my friends with immediate sight of the living world around them.

Marco Manca