human echolocation training

All of us could learn how to echolocate ourself inside buildings or streets and other spaces. To do this, you don’t need to be a superhero. You simply just need to train your brain.

Echolocation work by clicking your tongue and listening to the echo bounce off objects in the vicinity such as a wall. When the echolocation skill is combined with SoundSight Training, individuals will be able to hone in their skill to navigate around by using precision echolocation.

SoundSight is a 3D learning platform simulating a video game environment with multiple levels and progressive goals.

The users can comfortably learn the approach on their own pace. When comfortable, users are encouraged practice their learnings in a trusted environment



All of us could echolocate themselves inside the space, using their tongue click, and listening to the echo of that click, that contains information about the environment, about obstacles and their distance and their general form factor.

SoundSight Training is the name of our ICT educational programme that takes up this challenge: helping blind people navigating and orienteering themselves in a living/moving world as naturally as you, without relying on vision. Or rather, training a form of vision that does not rely on eyes, but on sound.

 The users could go inside the simulated environment and challenge themselves inside different scenarios.

SoundSight Training will allow our students to learn how detect echoes, at their own pace inside a comfort zone, like their own house; when they will fell ready they could go outside and challenge their echolocation skills.

But this is an extension to real life, not a replacement.